A Men's Guide to Wearing Purple

Okay, it's been proven -- wearing purple makes men more attractive to women. Don't believe us? Read this article on Medical Daily. The facts are there. But that doesn't mean you can get away with wearing a sloppy t-shirt that happens to be purple, thinking you're going to attract any woman at your beck-and-call. Here's how you can wear purple...the right way. 

A touch of purple here, a dash of purple there. When in doubt, it's best to use it solely as an accent. Purple matches well with greys, beiges and blues. Pair our Milano slim fit suit in grey with a bright purple skinny tie and pocket square, or our purple lapel pin. To complete your look, add a charcoal sock with a very subtle light purple and yellow stripe to it. 

A purple dress shirt isn't as posh as it sounds! Since purple is a cool color, paired with blues and navies, it actually blends together seamlessly. Try our dress shirt in either purple or lavender with one of our navy suits, like the FNL22R slim fit.

Burgundy is technically pinkish brown, but definitely has a purple tone to it, so work with us here. Burgundy is rich, reminding us of dark red wines and wood stains. It's much more subtle than a bright purple, meaning you can strut around in a suit of said color without thinking twice about it. You can't go wrong with the Hudson slim fit suit, which is one of our best-sellers. To make it more relaxed for the workplace: leave the suit unbuttoned, add a black dress shirt and ditch the tie altogether. 
Want to make a statement? We admire your courage. Our purple MOD suit was made for you! Keep the rest of your look toned down, like with a black turtleneck. Or if you're feeling really daring -- pair it with our sky blue button-up
Regardless of which way you decide to wear purple, the most important part is that you wear it with confidence. Feel great, and you'll look great. 

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