Pork Pie Hat

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4 products

The Pork Pie style hat has been a popular style since the mid-19th century, reaching its peak popularity between the 1920s-1940s. The hat bears a similar resemblance to an actual Pork Pie, a popular British food. Many believe that this may be where the hat's name originates from. The first Pork Pie style hats were worn by women and trimmed with ribbons and feathers. In the 20th century, the hat transitioned to being more of a men's style hat with the style changing slightly. The Pork Pie is known for its short brim and a creased, rounded crown. In the 1920s silent film actor, Buster Keaton wore many Pork Pie style hats made from both straw and felt. In the recent decades, they have become a popular accessory among many jazz musicians, hipsters, and Bryan Cranston as Walter White on the TV show Breaking Bad.

Pork pie hats came into existence in the 1920s in America. Its presence was made known by the silent film actor Buster Keaton who wore them in many of his films. These hats usually have a narrow brim with a flat top and a circular indent, the brim is commonly worn up. It has been a style icon for about a century now and is worn by chic men all around the globe. A pork pie hat can include a decent piece of energy to any man’s closet. It can likewise say something about a man’s style, persona, and how he introduces himself to the world.

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