Feel Better By Looking Better At Work

So you're stuck in a rut? Aren't we all.

The Don Draper era is long gone. Nobody wears the same gray suit day after day anymore. If you're feeling bleak on the outside, then you're bound to feel bleak on the inside -- and that'll affect your happiness, your work ethic and everything in between.

If you are unhappy at your current job, there are plenty of things you can do to help with this without having to quit -- such as taking meditation breaks, and packing a healthy lunch. But a foolproof way to feel better at work, is by looking better at work. Easy! Save your job and style all at once by exploring some new suit alternatives. Most offices nowadays have fairly relaxed dress codes, so have some fun with it and try one of our workplace-friendly looks below. 

1. Black Suit & White T-Shirt

This outfit can be accomplished either with a black suit (like our Madison, in slim fit) or even our black Daytona blazer with trousers works as well. Cuff the pant legs and wear a pair of tasseled dress loafers (no socks) for a modern feel.  

The key to pulling this look off is the contrast between the blazer and the t-shirt. That's why a black suit and white t-shirt work, but also you could wear a blue blazer with an orange t-shirt, and so on. This doesn't mean you can just wear any old raggedy t-shirt from the bottom of your laundry hamper. It needs to a solid color, fit well, be ironed and constructed of good quality cotton. 


2. Plaid Blazer As A Staple Piece 
Okay, we know that we said the Don Draper is out...but the plaid sportcoats worn by Mad Men at dinner parties are definitely making a comeback right now. This statement piece is very young and fresh but also sophisticated, and can be updated to be appropriate for 2016 very easily. 

How to: Buy our Preston plaid check slim fit men's blazer. Wear with a pair of our navy pants and tan loafers as well. If you want to go for a '60s vibe -- wear a black turtleneck beneath your blazer, or the more traditional dress shirt. 

3. Statement pants with a black blazer 

Our royal blue chino pants are selling like hot cakes! They're the perfect color for fall that pops. So get yourself a pair and wear them with our black Daytona blazer, a black dress shirt and dress shoes to mellow out the look. Gold accessories, like a watch, can be incorporated as well. 


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