Halloween 2018 Custom Time is approving fast. We have, Tophats, Steampunk, Tailtux, Cowboy Hats and more...

The 2018 Halloween season is ramping up and Ferrecci USA is the sophisticated Halloween costume provider fro all your Halloween costume needs.


Planning a Halloween party? or going to a Halloween party in style? Looking for an extraordinary outfit, or for something authentic out of the ordinary. Or are you just looking for the right Halloween accessories. Ferrecci USA might just have what you looking for. Specialty & novelty Halloween costumes Ideas and Out fits and  accessories that will make your Halloween 2018 a truly remember able event. 

For example out Top Hat Steampunk collection always very popular among Top Hat aficionados. Our Top Hats come in traditional colors, as well as offbeat bright & shock colors, like the popular Irish Green and the bright shining orange.

Additional colors are being added to our top hat collection like Hunter Green,  Light Grey, and a Grey Brown mashup.

But we are particular proud of and are welcoming two mayor trending new two color Top Hats to our Ferrecci Top Hat family. 

1st The .Ultra Violet, Pantone Top Hat, is a fine piece of hear wear, that Hop Hat fans and people that are looking for something special all can agree up on is a must have. 

The Pantone Matching System (PMS), a proprietary color space used in a variety of industries, primarily printing, though sometimes in the manufacture of colored paint, fabric, and plastics.

And who said there is no new color in today's world? Right? Well Ferrecci USA has them, ready for you to order


2nd Ferrecci USA has the one the only Pink Top Hat. Yes you read correctly. Weather your costume resembles the Pink Panther or you just want People to talk about


custom and out fit after or during the party, the Pink Top Hat is a surefire hit and conversation starter, that will win you attention and accolades where ever you go! A truly fine piece of head wear, which can't be missed.

When it comes to Uniforms Ferrecci USA has you covered as well. 

Weather you are admiral, a General or a military Cadet at this years party, dress to impress with Ferredcci USA military uniforms, that fit well and are comfortable, while you party away. . 




And lastly there are all kinds of fine men's formal wear items and outfits you can choose from that get you into the Halloween spirit this year for sure. From super cool cocktail tuxedo blazer jackets to tail tuxedos, Ferrecci USA. is your destination for the high class Halloween costumes this year.



Happy Halloween everybody!



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