How To Rock A Bow Tie

Bow ties don't have to be complicated. They're a classic men's accessory that can look incredibly sophisticated when done right...and a tad silly when done wrong. Lucky for you, we've got a handy guide to make sure your bow tie ensemble doesn't stray towards the tacky. 


Traditional events you can see bow-ties-a-plenty at include weddings, galas, prom and so on. Wedding attire is almost always formal, so working a bow tie into your existing outfit should be pretty straightforward without risking looking overdressed. 

But what if you don't know anybody getting married or don't have a school dance to attend, and are itching to rock a bow tie regardless? You can wear a bow tie on a date, to work, to an interview, to the library -- even to church. 


Pick the basic attire you'll be wearing, based on the event. 

If you're going to a wedding, wear a tux -- like our Reno black shawl collar tuxedo. If you're going to work, wear a suit or even a collared shirt with slacks, depending on your office's environment. Our Etro grey blue slim fit suit is incredibly versatile, as it can be dressed down -- as well as dressed up, with the addition of a snappy bow tie and lapel pin. 

General rule of thumb: If your casual event is during the day, wear a bow tie with a button-up. It's dressed down, but still put together. If your casual event takes place at night, throw a sport jacket or blazer overtop and you'll be good to go. 


Most men wear bow ties now only for formal occasions, which accessorizing for is pretty standard. Wear an all black tux and pair it with our black bow tie. Easy! 

But for all other occasions...

The Safe Option: Pick a bow tie in a muted tone, like grey or brown, for a laid-back look. A subtle plaid or other pattern can be incorporated if that's more your style. As far as fabric goes -- Pick a bow tie in cotton, like our white one, instead of satine as the fabric to further relax your look. Whether you're reading in a coffee shop or it's just your average Monday morning at the office, you're bound to look great. 

The Daring Option: If you're the kind of guy who wears a lot of color, work that to your advantage! Choose a bright or patterned bow tie for a pop of personality, like a mustard stripe or lavender paisley



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And for an additional fun tidbit -- explore the Wikipedia page for "List of bow tie wearers" here. Doctor Who! 

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