The Best Sellers of 2018! Most Loved Items & Favorite Men's Suits & Dress Pants of the Year!



Under the slogan "Work Done!" FerrecciUSA released the popular 2 Piece Suit Series "Savannah" earlier this year. The Series was a blockbuster success and sold more then 30.000, pieces in the first few weeks, providing thousands of young adults and men with an elegant, quick, easy and affordable solution to everyday business wear. The Savannah comes in 7 different colors and provides a slick , professional, stylish business look and feel, that that delivers to all go-getters out there, from the young entrepreneurs, to the seasoned stock brokers ,  agent and/or casual office entire. The Savannah series covers it all. Going forward in 2018 the Savannah is expected to continue it's strong performance and continue to thrive success for it's many fans and buyers in the United States. One might as well say 2018 was the year of the Savannah and 2019 will be as well!

An other strong contender for the best seller of the year was and continues to be the 3 Piece Bradford Suit. Unmistakably in the tradition of the classic Tweed suit the Bradford attracts a sophisticated man that clearly knows what he is looking for. It's attraction lies within it's mature tenor and confidence that immediately envelops it's owner with respect and an realm of wisdom only a man wearing a Badford could posses. 

The Cromwell Dress pants, are a leader among dress pants. Comfortable and elegant, these good fitting pants make any man happy and it's performance prooves it's popularity. 

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