What To Wear To A Fall Wedding: Ideas for Men

Summer may be winding down, but there's always a silver lining! And we don't just mean the silky kind inside a snappy suit. Attending weddings in cooler weather gives you the opportunity to layer and accessorize without having to worry about sweating through your clothes, like you would while attending summer nuptials. 

To avoid last minute panic, get your fall wedding look sorted out in advance with some help from Ferrecci. 

A husband-to-be should always, always, always wear a tuxedo. Did we mention always? Take a note from Paul Rudd in I Love You Man and opt for a non-traditional hue that'll set you apart from your groomsmen, like our Reno men's shawl collar tuxedo in navy. Pair it with a white collared shirt, black velvet bowtie and gold cufflinks, and your bride will be falling in love with you all over again. 

Remember: continuity is key. The groomsmen should all be wearing matching attire, so go for something classic. Our black slim fit tuxedo with velvet peak lapel is a great option. These tuxedos are sold at an incredibly affordable price too so if budget differs from groomsman to groomsman, you can avoid an awkward conversation like the memorable one between Annie and Helen while dress shopping in Bridesmaids. 

The best man's look should match the rest of the groomsmens', but with some sort of unique detail to clearly differentiate his role. Our recommendation is to wear a colorful accessory to set yourself apart. If all the groomsmen are wearing black ties then the best man can wear a blue one, like our satine bowtie in royal blue. Remember: the best man should always wear something one step removed from the groom. If the groom is wearing a blue flower boutonnière with his navy suit, then the best man should wear a white one. 

You're attending as a guest, so there's much less pressure. Take advantage of the season and try something in a charcoal tone, like our Paul Lorenzo MM regular fit suit in heather grey. Add a splash of color with a blue dress shirt underneath, then tone it down with a slim grey and yellow plaid pattern necktie and a silver pocket square This is a look that you can reuse as well, appropriate for the office and more. 

There's an unwritten rule about not wearing a white dress to a wedding to avoid taking attention away from the bride, but nobody said anything about the groom. That being said...may the best man win. Opt for our Daytona slim fit blazer in an eye-catching red. Pair it with neutral pieces like our black chino pantswhite collared shirt and black skinny tie. 

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