What Does Your Suit's Color Palette Say About You?

Maybe you don't think you're a suit guy. Maybe that's true, but it's more likely that you're probably just wearing the wrong suit. So fear not! We've got the 411 on which color suit is the best suited (pun intended) for your lifestyle. 

The Newbie. Just because it's your first suit, doesn't mean it can't be one that you have for the rest of your life. Perhaps you're starting your first job after graduating from college, or you're attending a friend's wedding. Your first suit should be navy or grey, as this will be a practical option that you can still wear essentially anywhere, regardless of location or year. It won't make you look young or inexperienced, it just says you're playing it safe -- and there's nothing wrong with that. Navy suits are ideal for a man who wants to blend in. A starter suit shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg either, so pick up our Premium FNL22R Men's Navy Blue Suit for a sweet $99. 

The No-Nonsense. Black is the color of power, authority and seriousness. That's why villains always wear it! Nobody wants to mess with a man in black. If you're the boss and wear a black suit to the office every day, then your employees will interpret accordingly. Try the Paul Lorenzo classic black suit: slim fit, 2 piece, 2 button. 

The Confident. You know how to wear a suit, and you know that you wear it well. Wearing a solid colored suit in a non-traditional hue says that you're self-assured and aren't afraid to take risks. If you want a look that's as bold as you are, then the Enzo blazer in red (one of our bestsellers) is a stimulating must-have for your closet. Any pieces from our mod suit collection is also guaranteed to put all eyes on you. 

The Every Man. You have to wear a suit every day to work, but don't feel comfortable looking formal as it's just not "you". And that's okay! You can still feel relaxed while looking great. A suit in a neutral tone like brown, tan or khaki is likely the best option for you. Try pairing our ZNL22S Zonetti suit in tan with our brown dress shirt. Ditch the tie altogether if that's more your thing, just make sure your ensemble is freshly ironed to prevent looking sloppy. 

The Silver Fox. Grey hair? Work it to your advantage. You can play up your hair's tones and highlights in your suit. Opt for a dark charcoal or a muted silver suit and pair it with a vibrant, cool-toned accessory for a pop of distinguished color. Pair our premium FNL22R men's grey suit with a lavender pocket square


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