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A cummerbund is usually a broad waistband type which is worn around the waist with formal wear. This accessory has long been underrated in the 20th century. This trend basically began in India when the British used to wear it during dinners. At that time it was not used for formal affairs. It began from the time when the Indians used to wear a sash around their waists and Britishers wanted to develop a dining uniform for themselves. Cool right?

Now, the real purpose of wearing a cummerbund these days is to cover up the waste in a proper manner. This is because one of the rules of black tie events says that all the working parts should be covered during the event. Covering the waistline usually protects you from showing off the crumbled shirt which is obviously going to act as a negative point at a formal event. The reason you should wear them is that they are a cooler option for covering up your waist and also make you look thinner and better!

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8 products