Pork Pie Hats

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      What Is a Pork Pie Hat?

      What in the world is a pork pie hat? 

      Pork pie hats, also known as English pastry hats, are typically hats for men and women with a pinched and creased telescoped circular crown. Pork pies also have a hint of a small lip around the upper edges of the flexible crown. People familiar with British cuisine know that the silhouettes of these hats resemble old-fashioned English meat pies - at least to some degree.

      Pork pie hats, with their low-profile telescoped crowns and supple brims, often evoke images of the jazz era when they really came into vogue. The anti-hero Walter White, from the cult television series Breaking Bad, began to sport a pork pie whenever he slipped into his darker "Heisenberg" persona.

      Some people not in the know occasionally confuse pork pies with fedoras. Pork pie hats, as a general rule, have a shorter crown and brim when compared to fedoras, which is an easy way to tell these two iconic hat styles apart.