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      Do you know what was the purpose of undergarments till the 18th century? The basic purpose of wearing a vest back then was to prevent the outer clothes from touching your body. Strange right? This purpose was invented to solve a very smart purpose. At those times regular bathing was not very normal and to avoid the clothes from getting dirty or infused with the body odor, the undergarments were invented. It also prevented the skin from feeling itchy while wearing different types of fabrics.

      So, what do you think is the purpose of vests on today's date? Wearing a vest has its own pros and cons these days and you can surely find your reasons for wearing one. If you sweat too much during summers, then wearing a vest is the best thing you can do to prevent all those sweat patches. If you have heavy chest hair, then wearing a vest can prevent them to poke from above the shirt you are wearing. Rather than layering up clothes from the outside during winters, wearing a vest can prevent you from freezing when the temperature drops down from normal.

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